Ski Wear Care


Tech Duo-Pack



    Down Wash Direct



      Glove Proof



        TX.Direct Spay-on



          Taking care of your winter weather gear, coats, and accessories is the best way to ensure that it will last you a lifetime. ML Furs carries multiple ski wear care products to maintain water repellency and to keep your items clean and dry. We have wash-in cleaner for your down items which are machine- or hand-washable (make sure to remove fur and other non-washable parts), and products which offer waterproofing for wet weather clothing.

          At ML Furs, we are proud to have brought our customers the very best in fur clothing and other cold winter wearables for more than 60 years. We offer only the highest-quality fur and winter coats and accessories, including our incredible selection of ski jackets and coats. And with these ski wear care products, you can keep your outerwear looking and feeling great all year-round.