Lynx Fur

Natural American Lynx Fur Jacket
Hooded American Lynx and Fox Anorak Fur Jacket
Fitted Canadian Lynx and Leather Fur Vest
- 50%
Guy LaRoche
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Now: $2,100.00
American Lynx Perforated Fur Beret
Lenore Marshall
American Lynx Fur Jacket
American Lynx and Fox Fur Vest
Zandra Rhodes

Lynx fur features gorgeous natural patterns and because of its natural beauty is rarely dyed. Black specks on a fawn and white background range in shade, but every shade features an elegant pattern and luxurious feel.

Every pattern is unique, so every lynx garment is different. These distinct patterns add to the appeal of lynx, but all are cozy and soft. Our individually designed garments involve pairing pelts very carefully to ensure a seamless look with streamlined designs. The beauty and radiance of lynx makes it an elegant choice for both formal and casual wear. 

Lynx is stunning and stylish at any time of day or with any outfit. The neutral colors of a lynx garment make all other colors pop. Wear your lynx items with earth tones to dress it down, or wear it with a floor-length formal dress to make you look elegant and fabulous.

For even more dimension and attention, pair your lynx garments with other textures for interesting and eclectic outfits that are sure to draw out the most complimentary comments from onlookers.

Lynx is one of the most versatile furs because of its neutral colors, so embrace its natural beauty. From designer jeans and boots to evening gowns and heels, your lynx fur will make you look and feel fantastic.