Chinchilla Fur


Chinchilla Rex Rabbit Fur Throw

Adrienne Landau


    Purple Chinchilla Fur Earmuffs
    Purple Chinchilla Fur Earmuffs


    $400.00 $800.00

    • Purple
    Chinchilla Fur Beret

    Lenore Marshall


    • Black
    • Gray
    • Baby Pink
    Chinchilla Brim Fur Hat-Sheared Mink Fur Crown

    Lenore Marshall


    • Black
    • Gray Black
    • Navy Blue
    • Brown

    Chinchilla is one of the softest furs you can buy because of its density. Chinchillas are land mammals with surprisingly soft fur and lovely neutral colors of gray, black, and white. They feature natural gradients in their coloring, which enhances their elegance, provides definition to garments of all types, and ensures that your fur coat or jacket is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

    Because of the color consistency, pelts are easy to match. They offer timeless additions to every wardrobe. You can pair all of your chinchilla accessories like coats and jackets with black or white skinnies. They even go with elegant evening gowns of all colors, or jeans if you want to dress down for an afternoon in the brisk air.

    Pairing your chinchilla coats with solid colors let the chinchilla fur itself really shine. However, if you prefer other colors, your chinchilla fur can be dyed almost any color. It has natural absorption abilities, and the color varies throughout the belt for unique shadow effects and color gradients.

    Chinchilla fur is glamorous, but simple, making it a great cover up for any winter activity, an evening in the chilly air, or family vacation.

    Don’t overlook the extreme versatility of chinchilla fur for all of your winter activity. It will provide luxury, style, and convenience for every event and adventure.