Fine Sheepskin Ski Gloves with Flame Detail
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Lenore Marshall
Lenore Marshall
Nappa Lamb & Rex Rabbit Fur Jacket
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Black Whipstich Shearling Jacket
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Spanish Black Reversible Mid-Length Shearling Coat
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Black Swakara & Black Star Mink Mid-Length Fur Coat
Original Price: $9,995.00 $9,995
Now: $5,495.00

Lamb fur is much different than other types of fur because of its long and curly nature. It has a look that is delightfully fun while making it thick, heavy, and warm. The distinctly Mongolian or Tibetan look of lamb fur makes it an exotic choice for enhanced uniqueness and beauty.

Lamb fur provides you stylish fun for all of your clothing and accessories. It has personality and panache. Because the curl pattern of each pelt is different, you experience an unexpected texture and feel that is different in every piece. The soft and interesting look is full of visual excitement in all garments and colors.

Lamb fur is a sassy option for a night out with leggings and bedazzled heels, or a downtown workwear look for every day. Lamb hide is sometimes used to make cashmere, giving you a more uniform look and elegant appeal. The luxuriously soft hide is soft and provides sleek comfort and glamour.

Lamb is extremely durable, making it perfect for accessories like gloves and handbags that experience more stress on the seams. Your lamb fur will last for many years with proper care, ensuring that you can enjoy its extraordinary beauty again and again.