Men's Golf Clothes


Tim-T Nomadic Desert Plaid Button-Down Shirt
Tim-T Nomadic Desert Plaid Button-Down Shirt


$75.00 $250.00

  • Desert Plaid
Liro Functional Golf Shorts
Liro Functional Golf Shorts


$66.00 $220.00

  • Light Blue

A Quick Guide to Men’s Golf Wear

When nongolfers think of mens golf clothes, they often cringe as bright checks, and odd patterns come to mind. Fortunately, there are style-conscious choices that you can make without shocking others.

Be Wise About Colors

Some color can be a beautiful thing, but too much color is a problem. You do not have to wear loud clothing to make a statement. Clashing or odd colors are a mistake on and off the course. The trick is to be stylish but avoid looking gauche. If you must go with plaid, patterned or striped, do not mix and match your designs.

Choose the Right Shirt

When choosing mens golf clothes, be sure to pay attention to the shirt that you wear. Ultimately, a collared traditional polo shirt works the best. It is comfortable, cool and will fit with everything. These shirts come in almost every color and fabric but still look classy no matter what the situation.

Finding the Right Pants

Golf pants can get pretty wild, but they do not have to be. The general rule is if you go wild with the pants, do not go wild with the shirt. If you choose more sedate navy or white pants, feel free to wear a collared shirt that is a bit more outlandish.

Don't Forget Accessories

Like any style, accessories are a part of a good set of mens golf clothes. You want to wear a belt that matches your shirt, your pants or both. The exception to this is the white belt. If you choose a white belt, wear a white shirt or a white pair of pants with it.

A good golfing hat is essential for bright and sunny courses. They protect you and keep the sun out of your eyes.

The number one rule with golf clothing is, pay attention to the course regulations. A few lower-end courses allow shorts and t-shirts, while most of the better courses have stringent dress codes. It doesn't hurt to pick up the rules before deciding to join.