Men's Ski Jackets

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Don’t let the winter blues keep you from hitting the slopes in style! Let ML Furs help you make winter your new favorite season with one of these incredible ski jackets! We have a variety of styles and colors to match every taste and budget.

When you slip into the right ski jacket, you know it right away. It is warm without being too bulky, with strategically-placed pockets to hold everything you need to take on the go. It protects both you and your belongings with just the right amount of lining, fill power and water resistance, while boasting water- and snow-proof pockets with taped zipper seams that can stand up to the elements. In other words, it just gets the job done without offering you features that you don’t need.

See how the perfect coat really feels by picking up one of our ski jackets, hand-selected for their stylish looks and quality materials. Choose from expert designers such as Skea, M. Miller, Bogner, Rossignol and Zero Rh+. All of our designers are known for giving the modern man the comfort he wants without the need to sacrifice his style.

Each of our ski jackets has been chosen to bring out the best in our other ski wear pieces, so that you can be confident that you’ll look great, whatever jacket you choose.

Don’t spend another ski season in an ill-fitting or bulky jacket, or one which doesn’t keep you as warm as it should. Let us help you end your winter dread with the perfect ski jacket. We will have you hitting the slopes in the right jacket in no time!