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Our high-quality fur coats will outlast the rest of your wardrobe in more ways than one.
Fashion trends come and go, but high-quality fur never goes out of style. Fur coats have been at the forefront of the fashion world for centuries, and have adorned modern fashion icons from Marilyn Monroe to Beyonce.

Fur vests and jackets have become some of the hottest (and warmest!) pieces in any contemporary fashionable wardrobe, and can be dressed up or down to complement any outfit. Whether you're going to a charity ball, a casual dinner party, or a trip to the movies, you can look absolutely smashing in fur.

Why choose fur? For starters, a fur garment is the ultimate fashion indulgence. No other material can provide the warmth and luxurious feel that natural fur provides, and nothing else has that unquestionable aesthetic impact. If turning heads isn't enough for you, there are also numerous practical reasons to wear fur.

Fur is a naturally resilient and long-lasting material. A well-made and properly-cared-for fur garment will outlast every other piece of clothing in your closet, remaining beautiful and functional for years to come. Unlike most garments, which are lucky to last a few years (even if worn sporadically), fur coats can last for decades, and are often passed down from one generation to the next. Many fur garments can even be re-designed and restyled by a professional furrier, so your initial investment can help you achieve the latest looks, even many years down the road. Should you decide to pursue a new look altogether, your old fur garment can be used to make fur-trimmed clothing, or even accessories such as hand bags, vests, muffs, headbands, pillows, blankets/throws, etc.

For the eco-conscious shopper, fur makes a great deal of sense, both because of the longevity of the final product and because the production of fur has a minimal effect on the environment. Cheap, mass-produced clothing, otherwise known as "fast-fashion," has an enormously high ecological cost, as shoppers continue to purchase and then discard this "disposable" short-life clothing at an increasing rate. Natural fur is a sustainable, renewable natural resource that is more environmentally friendly to produce than any other textile, natural or synthetic.

If you're looking for natural fur garments with undeniable style and unparalleled quality, you've come to the right place. ML Furs offers only the finest fur coats, vests, jackets, and accessories, at affordable prices every day.

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