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Silver Fox Fur Throw



  • Gray
Coyote Fur Throw



  • Natural Multi
Red Fox Fur Throw



  • Natural Red Fox
Multi-Color Mink Fur Throw



  • Multi Print
Natural Golden Island Shadow Fox Fur Throw



  • Natural Multi
Chinchilla Rex Rabbit Fur Throw

Adrienne Landau


    Nothing adds warmth, coziness and luxury to your home like fur. Fashion has a hefty influence on home decor and it doesn’t just stop at silhouettes and color schemes. Texture plays an integral role in interior design and nothing screams texture like a lush fur throw. Versatile and able to transform any room, a fur throw is essential.

    Sofas and Chairs – Add an immediate splash of elegance to your seating area by dressing your chair or sofa with a fur throw. Soft, warm and luxurious, a throw marries style and sophistication, making you never want to leave the comfort of your seat. Adorn your cushions with a throw for a cozy feel, or for a more glamorous vibe you can drape it over the back of the chair or sofa. Bar stools and hassocks always complete a room when dressed in animal hide.

    Bed – The sumptuous feel of fur is perfect for the bedroom. Whether it’s adorning the foot of the bed or effortlessly draped in the center, it undoubtedly adds tenderness and warmth. A fur throw could easily turn your bed into a place that you never want to leave. Is that such a bad thing?

    Hanging on the Wall or Laying on the Floor – Just like art, a fur throw is an object of beauty that should be appreciated by all. Add luxury and texture to your walls by hanging a gorgeous fur throw. Turn an older fur coat into a fur rug for a rich, warm addition to any room. ML Furs provides this service, be sure to call today and release the designer within you.