Fur Jackets

Mary McFadden
Original Price: $2,795.00 $2,795
Now: $1,255.00
Mary McFadden
Original Price: $8,175.00 $8,175
Now: $4,495.00
Monique L'Huillier
Zandra Rhodes
Original Price: $10,995.00 $10,995
Now: $5,995.00


Our selection of fur jackets includes a wide variety of designs made exclusively from the highest quality furs available. It has never been this easy to find that perfect look! We have the right fur jacket for every occasion and every style, whether you're searching for a look that is conservative or funky, vibrant or sultry.

ML Furs offers various fur garments that suits your personality, your lifestyle, and your personal aesthetic. Are you looking for an all-purpose garment that can be worn casually, or a high-style piece for formal occasions? Our stylish and versatile fur jackets are sure to fit the bill, with diverse designs ranging from the timeless and classic to the edgy and contemporary.