The ultimate luxury lifestyle brand, SKEA Ltd. has combined with ML Furs to create winter sportswear devoted to your style and your desire of elegance, while maintaining the highest technical features. When you demand luxury, and you are the very image of smart style, nothing less than SKEA will do.

A pioneer in high fashion ski wear, Jocelyn Boyer and her husband Georges, began a little family company with a passion for fashion, the mountains, and an active lifestyle, evident in every thread of the SKEA line. Born and based in Colorado, SKEA is designed for women who ski by women who ski. Since 1972, this family business has been producing beautifully crafted stylish performance wear, for both on and off the slope. Although SKEA started as a ‘fun’ business in 1972, it quickly gained ground past it’s birthplace of Vail, Colorado and moved to encompass Fifth avenue and the Champs Èlysees, as well as the ski slopes of Chamonix and St. Mortiz.

For those who deserve the best, look no further than SKEA, a company committed to providing you with unsurpassed luxury and style without sacrificing function and purpose. Women are sure to find a high quality, exceptionally unique, and inherently flattering addition to their luxe winter ski wear collection. Using only the highest quality of fabrics, SKEA crafts luxe winter ski wear that stands out from the crowd using bright and beautiful bursts of color that often seems one shade. Comfort, fashion, and quality are the features that have established SKEA as a luxury brand that actually works.

Sleek and fashionable meet high function technology when ML Furs and SKEA combine. Wrap yourself in elegant Skea no matter where you are, the luxury mountain lifestyle brand. Remember that ground shipping in the United States is free through the ML Furs online store and that they bring you more than 60 years of experience in the outerwear business.