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Glamourpuss NYC
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Glamourpuss NYC
Glamourpuss NYC

In 2009, friends Gigi Mortimer and Courtney Moss made the decision to take something functional and make it glamourous, thus forming, Glamourpuss. Mortimer and Moss, two hockey moms, are not novices to the fashion world. A graduate to New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology, Mortimer has been in the industry for over ten years, working with high-end designers like, Tory Burch, Vera Wang and Ralph Lauren. Moss too, with her background in marketing and communications, has worked with a plethora of luxury brands – Versace, Yves Saint Laurent, Giorgio Armani and Christian Dior, to name a few. Together the pair strived to create beautiful, eye-catching fur accessories, which can be worn at any time, on any occasion. It all began with a singular piece – a rex rabbit fur funnel and from there a collection composed of chic, timeless pieces was launched.

Fur Funnel – The first-ever Glamourpuss piece is impossibly soft, undoubtedly luxurious and wildly chic. It’s the perfect alternative to a scarf, offering limitless versatility with its pliable, rex rabbit fur. Whether you want to update your little black dress for a night on the town or maintain warmth on the slopes, you simply must own this piece.

Fur Mittens – A winter wardrobe can easily become quite monotonous but with the perfect fur accessories you can add a serious punch. These mittens not only add warmth and glam but they also pair perfectly with a fur scarf or funnel.

Fur Scarf – There’s no better way to beat the harsh cold than with opulence. A fur scarf is the perfect accessory for a cold day, preventing that icy wind from biting your neck and adding some glamour to your seasonal look.

Fur Hats – In order to top off a chic, cold-weather look, one must have the perfect fur hat. Glamourpuss offers a variety of options, ranging from bold to classic. They can be worn in any setting, from a casual coffee date with friends to an evening out at an art gallery.

Fur Vest – A vest is the perfect transition piece between seasons and is a great addition to a cozy, layered look. From laidback and active to fashionable and layered, fur vests are great for many occasions. They work particularly well as a country style staple, but can also be used for a city chic daytime outing.