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Monique L'Huillier
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The fur cape has enjoyed resurgence in popularity over the past decade, partly because of the elegance and romantic style that accompany anyone wearing this type of garment. It is one of the more striking options among fur coats for women, and offers all of the practical benefits of a coat but with a few convenient and stylish differences. And because fur is always in style, you know you’ll have a decade or more to reap the benefits.

Fur capes drape dynamically and work with classic and modern styles, for both dressy and casual attire. Our selections of capes are sure to impress and will turn heads wherever you go. Uniquely, the fur cape becomes an investment that never disappoints or goes out of style.

The fur stole holds an iconic place in fashion that may wax and wane in widespread popularity but never goes out of style. They are especially popular during the winter when you need to wear something warm around your neck anyway, and a stole across the shoulders can compliment a lighter garment, making it warm enough to be comfortable while adding some glamour.

The best stole for you will be one that fills a range of roles in your wardrobe, with the versatility to work with a number of outfits. Because a fur stole doesn’t have a lot of natural structure, you can drape and wear it in a number of creative ways to get extra use out of it and match the way you wear it with the rest of your outfit. So you need to identify your tastes to decide if you want fancy patterns or more solid colors on your stoles – the right match will enable you to wear your stole with a range of garments. This extends to detailing too; you want a classic shape and only minor accents that don’t distract from the natural beauty of the fur.

On the other hand, if you have a specific type of event or outfit in mind when you begin stole shopping, all those criteria go out the window. Find a stole you love that you think fits the look you want to achieve. But in either case, getting the right stole is just the first half of the process. Of course, because fur is always popular, you know your investment will pay off.

You also should consider the color. Depending on your figure, darker hues are more flattering if you fall into the curvier category. Slender physiques might want to consider either a pattern or a splash of color when choosing a fur stole to be bold and vivacious

Draping a stole is an art similar to how French women tie their scarves. The most classic, smaller fur stoles sit comfortably on the neck and reach over the shoulders. They look functional and are beautiful while helping keep you warm and looking stylish.. On the other hand, a slightly larger rectangle stole can sit in a number of different ways. You can run it over your neck and shoulders or half-way down your arms. If you’re wearing a formal dress, fewer folds and a simpler draping might compliment the elegance of the ensemble. If you are wearing something more dynamic, and fun, wrapping it or wearing it off-centered is a good way to embrace that energy; if long enough throw a belt around the stole to create a whole new look with a waist.

The best thing about a fur stole is that you can make a relatively small investment in a fun go-to-piece that is functional and extremely versatile. You can use them to grow your collection for a powerful wardrobe ready to deliver high fashion for any occasion.

The defining features of a cape are that they drape across the arms, either with arm holes or by being open at the bottom, and that they don’t usually have a zipper or buttons to close the front. Most remain open in the front and some don’t have a front opening at all. So a fur cape is more of an accessory to your outfit than a coat is. Capes are large, and often become the defining accessory for any outfit. When choosing the right piece for you, consider the occasions and outfits with which you can wear it as much as possible, including which fur type, colors and designs you prefer.

One of the features of fur capes that distinguish them from other material capes is the thickness and texture. Fur capes obviously have an undeniably beautiful texture and luster, the quality of which depends on the type of fur, and this volume creates some of the elegance in how they hang, move, and look. And because they are often worn as accessories instead the dominant garment in an outfit, you can combine fur capes with a range of different types of clothing very creatively. They can be worn with all but the most casual outfits. Even when there is a slight chill in the air, most often you are appropriately dress to throw on your fur cape that will go perfectly making the fur cape a wardrobe essential.

Our capes come in a few versatile colors that combine elegance, opulence, and comfort. Capes are obviously designed for colder weather, from fall to early spring, but within that range of seasons the color you choose may be more or less appropriate. Brown tends to be a warmer color, better suited for daytime wear and for fall, whereas black is better for swanky evening events and the deep winter, especially if you live in a city where black is the de facto uniform each winter.

If you are looking for a versatile, exciting fur accessory that you can wear in many ways, you should consider a fur cape.