Beaver Fur


The naturally long fur of beaver provides it with a lustrous sheen while the semi-course guard hair makes it more durable than other types of fur. In its natural or sheared form, it is warm enough for any winter expedition, snowy vacation, or evening out. The underfur of beaver is very thick, which makes it incredibly soft to the touch and luxurious to wear. 

While beaver pelts vary in color, they are a beautiful natural brown color without any dye. Sheared beaver coats like ours will not shed and require much less maintenance than other types of fur. Beaver is a great place to start if you’re looking for a fur coat and you’ve never had one before.

Dyed beaver is lovely as well, and gives you the exact color you want while maintaining the same luminous shine that comes with beaver fur in its natural state. Dyed beaver fur makes it easy to pair with other types of furs in order to create extravagant combination coats with smooth panels and glamorous trim.

Beavers are well-adapted to aquatic life, so their fur is naturally waterproof, making it the perfect coat for wet winters. Beaver is elegant, vibrant, and lightweight, so it is convenient and practical for the coldest winter nights, the fanciest parties, and any family vacation.