Men's Mid Layers

When you’re outdoors in the winter time, you want to be insulated. What better way to stay warm than with mid layers that serve as an extra layer of warmth and protection? Men’s mid layers are intended to insulate the body, keeping it warm and dry, even during the most strenuous activities like shredding the slopes or hiking in the Alps.

These thin garments fit between your shirt and winter coat for increased insulating power, allowing your body to regulate its own warmth with trapped air pockets. Made from fleece, wool, or tightly woven fabric, these mid layers provide superior protection against the elements and are incredibly comfortable.

These layers are pack up tightly for your next trip, and their versatility make them a great addition to every winter outfit in your wardrobe. They are also stylish enough to be worn by themselves when the air is only brisk rather than icy, keeping you warm and elegant at the same time.