With a passion for sport and fashion, Bogner has been the leader in creativity for 80 years which is why ML Furs and Luxury Skiwear is thrilled to represent the ultra luxurious Bogner Sport collection available both online and in the fur and sport boutique. Bogner began in 1932 in Munich in the backyard of Willy Bogner, Sr. and his wife, Maria. Today, the company is still family run, managed by the couple’s son and his wife, Willy, Jr. and Sonia, but the trademark capital B still carries the same meaning it did when the Bogner’s were creating outerwear in their yard.

The company began making ski wear after Willy Sr. achieved worldwide success as a nordic combined skier. He imported skis, accessories and knitted goods from Norway and, in 1936, the German Olympic team wore Bogner clothing at the Winter Games held at Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

Willy Sr. married Maria Lux in 1937 and she was the designer of the smartly cut winter anorak that her husband and the rest of the German Olympic team wore. In 1948, Maria presented her invention of stretch elastic pants at the first fashion show held by Bogner. The narrow pants with stirrup were an immediate sensation, worn by Marilyn Monroe, Ingrid Bergman and Jayne Mansfield. In 1955, Maria designed the silver “B” in a circle that hangs from the zippers of all Bogner products today, making the company the first in the world to brand their products in that manner.