March Fur Madness: Road to the "Fur" Nal Four!

First off, Congratulations to the top four NCAA teams who have made it all the way to the Final Four!  Louisville, Wichita State, Michigan, and Syracuse, none of which had an easy road.

We have it narrowed down too; the mink and the sable are in a heated battle for the top of the Mustelidae, better known as the weasel family.  Mink fur coats are typically the number one seller year after, but sable fur coats definitely have that “je ne sais quoi?”

On the other side of the bracket, the fox and the lynx seem to be fighting like cats and dogs.  They are both longhaired, inexplicably warm, and fashionable.   Fox fur comes in a rainbow of natural colors that are exquisite, however, the lynx still draws people in for its often white or light colored spotted fur that does not shed!

It’s down to four folks.  Please keep following as we post the final match up this weekend!

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