Famous Men Donned in Fur

Famous Men Donned in Fur

Fur attire has long been associated with style and class, and it provides the wearer with certainty that he will always look great while battling the elements. But while some envision long, voluminous fur coats that are over-the-top, the truth is that most fur coats and jackets for men are subtle and understated. A fur jacket can be warm and attractive without being the loudest apparel in the room. And while there is nothing wrong with eye-catching style, if you are looking for something more appropriate for daily wear, there are fur coats and fur jackets for men that offer some really great options.

One simple way to add fur to your winter wardrobe is with a coat or jacket with a fur hood. A fur hood gives you added protection from the elements and adds a bit of variety to your standard coat or jacket.

This Men’s Utah II Down Jacket gives you a similar look in a shorter, more athletic style. The hood offers two-way adjustability and is removable, and the fur itself is detachable to give you a variety of looks. The jacket features inner cuffs with slip-over thumb holes to keep the lower part of your hands warm and to pull down the shoulders, giving you an attractive, comfortable fit. Best of all, the jacket does what you need it to–it keeps you warm while making sure you always look great.

Bogner Fire and Ice offers some incredible coats for men, including jackets and parkas with fur hoods. The fashion house has been dressing celebrities in winter wear for decades, and their coats are known for their incredible warmth and intuitive designs.

This Bogner Fire and Ice Peppe-D Ski Jacket with Coyote Fur Trim, shown here with the fur detached, is a simple yet stylish jacket that you can wear anywhere. The grid-quilted body contains down fill that retains and disperses warmth, and both the hood and the fur are detachable. The pockets are fleece-lined, and there’s an interior pocket for your electronic devices.

The second jacket is a Bogner Fire and Ice Down Ski Parka Lars-D with Coyote Fur Trim, which features a shorter and lighter style. It comes in a simple black matte-texture nylon with light horizontal quilting, and the detachable hood features a removable coyote fur trim. The stand-up collar helps keep you warm even on days when you want to go without the hood. Bogner Fire and Ice is famous for their parkas, and with the easy-to-wear style of this Bogner ski jacket, you can see why.

Men’s furs also come in more formal options, of course, to give you a choice in winter wear that adds a touch of class to your style. Try this Men’s Sheared and Long Haired Mink Fur Coat. The mid-length style offers additional warmth, and the simple three-button front makes this coat a simply elegant addition to any wardrobe.

Finally, when it comes to men’s winter fashion, you can never go wrong with a peacoat. A peacoat is a timeless style which looks great dressed up or down. Turn that peacoat into a fur and you have an incredible combination! You can get this style with our Men’s Black Sheared Mink Double-Breasted Fur Jacket, which provides a classic look with a modern twist.

Fur is everywhere these days, from the streets to the runway. And the style covers everything from men’s chinchilla fur coats to simple fur lining on ski jackets. Whatever your needs, a fur jacket provides everything you need to look great this winter. With ML Furs, you never need to sacrifice warmth for style. Check out our selection of fur coats, including our sale items, and keep yourself looking your best while keeping warm this winter.

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