Indigo Smoke Snow Voggle

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Indigo Smoke Snow Voggle

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The best technical features of a helmet, visor and a pair of snow goggles have now been combined in an incomparable, completely new product; the Indigo Voggle. The revolutionary Indigo Voggle is the symbiosis of tailor-made, detachable and perfectly sealed snow goggles and visually typical space for optical glasses and an incredible sense of space. The unique 230 ° degree field of vision represents a quantum leap in terms of safety. With automatic fit thanks to a new rubber lip for almost all common snow sports helmets, the Voggle replaces classic eyewear and visor solutions. As the Indigo Voggle rests on the top of the helmet, eyewear bruises are a thing of the past. The soft 2-ply foam, which touches the face only slightly, you will hardly feel your Voggle and experience a completely new wearing feeling. The double-pane construction made of polycarbonate in combination with the ingenious ventilation system to prevent fogging of your optical glasses. Anyone who has ever traveled with the Voggle never wants anything else - see for yourself.

Tech Specs:

  • 230 ° field of view for maximum safety
  • Automatic fitting mechanism by novel rubber lip for locking the helmet
  • Universal fit for almost all common helmet brands
  • Skin-friendly, extremely soft facial pad
  • Perfect for wearers of glasses
  • Double disc made of polycarbonate against fogging
  • Flexible & unbreakable
  • Mirrored
  • Waterproofing technology against snow and moisture
  • Rubberized strap for secure fit on the helmet
  • Integrated logo
  • 100% protection against UV A, B, C radiation
  • State of the art, technical look
  • Microfiber bag included for cleaning and stowing

Note on care and cleaning:

Clean the Voggle with lukewarm water, if heavily soiled, clean it with a neutral detergent. Then rinse briefly and let dry. Do not use organic solvents for cleaning.

CAUTION: Do not dry or rub the inner surface of the glass. So the anti-fog coating remains undamaged and the surface does not scratch. Do not clean the Voggle with wet cleaning wipes!

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