At MLFurs, we value our customers above all else.

Customer Service is our top priority, and we make every effort to accommodate our customer’s needs. We earn customer loyalty by not only providing the finest furs coats and jackets in the world, but by also taking care of our customers the way we take care of our own family. After all, we are a family run business.

A while back, a long-standing customer phoned Richard, the owner, upset that she was not home when a currier from MLFurs arrived at her house to drop off her coat from storage.  In case you did not know, MLFurs provides FREE pick-up and delivery in the Denver Metro area during the in-coming and out-going storage seasons.  The customer told Richard that she was unexpectedly called away to take care of an ill family member, and missed the delivery. Richard knew just what to do. Without hesitation he brought this customer her two fur coats within the hour.  

Subsequently, this customer and her daughters have been loyal customers ever since. What is even more amazing is that these ladies have been customers since 1959! That’s right - over 50 years ago. Every year when Richard calls this customer or any of her daughters during storage season, they repeatedly thank him for kindness. This type of legendary story is really an every day occurrence at MLFurs. When we say “only the best for our customers” we mean it!



We’re as dedicated to our customers as we are to our country.

Like all of you, we were deeply affected by the tragedies of September 11, 2001. Like all of you, we struggled to find a way to help the victims of 9/11. Within a few days after this tragedy that rocked our Nation, MLFurs found a way to help.

We heard about a fire fighter who was transferred from his original house in the Bronx to a new firehouse in Manhattan the day before 9/11. Who could have ever known what lay in waiting for this brave man with two young children and a wife. Like so many other heroes that day, he lost his life while saving countless others.

The family of MLFurs understood the urgent need for financial aid and mailed a check directly to the family who lost their father, husband, and hero on that tragic day.

Throughout the entire season of 2001 we dedicated a percentage of each sale to this heroes’ family.  That’s our way of supporting our beliefs.