Maison Montval

Meribel Hooded Down Jacket Detachable Finnraccoon Hood Trim
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Maison Montval
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Every item in our Maison Monval collection is inspired by classic French imagery, making them veritable pieces of art that you can wear. They bring to mind the incredible architecture and furnishings of the palace of Versailles. Each textile is printed in France with techniques used during the Renaissance.

Maison Monval garments are elegant, quaint, and elaborate. Traditional sewing skills from Italian manufacturing brings these incredible pieces to life in the fashion capital of the world. Now you can have them in your very own closet.

Abundant in opulent energy, each piece is trimmed with fur and displays harlequin and floral inspiration. For an haute look all winter long, pair your Maison Monval garments with leggings and heels. You will look posh at home and on vacation.

Jeans and knee-high boots give you an elegantly casual appearance and contrast nicely with floral prints. French and Italian culture are the backdrop inspiration for these exotic pieces. They offer unique and glamorous style that will attract all eyes to you.

For fabulous frivolity and fun, create a picturesque look with these couture garments and mix modern fashion with traditional manufacturing that makes you stand out in any crowd. You won’t find anything trendier for your day on the slopes, your evening out, or your errands around town than the Maison Monval collection.