Beautiful yet practical, the Luxury Ski & Outerwear collection from M. Miller moves easily from snow-covered slope to City Street…The fusion of Luxury, Fashion & Technology.

Featuring multi-purpose skiwear, fur, accessories & footwear*, manufactured in the USA, the collection makes use of the latest textile technology, artful embroidery and the M. Miller trademark- luxurious fur trim.

Led by the Boston based husband & wife team of Miyuki Tachibana & Mark Miller, M. Miller
has created a unique niche in the Luxury Outerwear market by designing & manufacturing high-end ski & outerwear that is beautiful, functional and made in the USA.

Started in the late 1970’s by Allen Miller & dealing primarily in furs for the boutique market,
M. Miller has gone on to become a niche manufacturer of luxury skiwear staying true to its fur industry roots with its use of fur as embellishment & throughout the collections with numerous fashion pieces of fur…in the shape of vests, jackets, trims, shearlings, accessories and footwear.

Taking inspiration from the world around them (old & new); observing how people live, work, play & dream, the designs at M. Miller seek to always stay true to who their customer is, functionality of the clothing, simple luxury and contemporary elegance.

M. Miller can be found in ski-sport specialty shops and boutiques around the world. *FOOTWEAR is manufactured in ITALY