Fur Remodels & Restyles

Your fur wardrobe can never be too big and with our professional fur restyling and remodeling services, you never have to worry about your collection falling behind the times. Fur is a sustainable material because of its long lasting reusable qualities: a fact we take full advantage of with expert fur refurbishing services.

We truly care about furs, whether pushed to the back of your closet or passed from generation to generation: bring them to ML Furs to discover new, hip styles that will reinvigorate forgotten gems! We are known for our mastery of fur restyling services, including but not limited to:

• Converting a fur coat or jacket into a vest, scarf, or home decor
• Shortening a coat into a modern jacket or stroller
• Creating a raincoat with a sheared fur-lined interior
• Shearing a long-haired garment
• Lengthening a garment by dropping and renailing
• Updating the style, fit, and look completely, a total fur make-over

ML Furs is at the forefront of current clothing trends and we bring that expertise to the table when restyling your old fashioned coats and jackets. During a personal consultation either in person, over the phone, or via the internet, we will discuss options for transforming a dated garment into a practical, stylish, and comfortable piece. With fur refurbishing, you can enjoy a beautifully tailored contemporary stroller or fur lined outerwear jacket that you’ll continue to enjoy for years to come.

Our master furriers specialize in making women feel fabulous with an emphasis on warmth, comfort, and class. We help you get the most out of every garment with thoughtful fur restyling that is both economical and sustainable. With the ML Furs fur remodeling and refurbishing services; you’ll never leave a garment unworn in the back of your closet again!