EM-EL Private Label Established in 2010

The premium EM-EL brand designs are at the forefront of the ML Furs collection. The curated EM-EL colleciton offers exclusive gloves, hats, scarves, vests, earmuffs, coats, and everything else you need.

Most Popular Fur Types

Furs such fox, rex rabbit, chinchilla, lynx, and mink are the most popular and luxurious. These supple furs are soft to the touch and make you look just as fashionable as you will feel. Coordinate your wardrobe with matching gloves, hats, and scarves.


The EM-EL brand of furs come in a variety of colors so you can choose from your favorites to match any outfit. Want to design your own? Browse our private label or send us a picture, and we will make it to measure.

EM-EL Accessories & Capes

From rex rabbit knit sets to elegant earmuffs and headbands our brand allows you to dress your best while keeping your extremities warm and fashionable for any winter expedition at home or on vacation. EM-EL Capes and shawls are a glamorous way to ward off the evening chill at the next gala or red-carpet event. Never step out without your accessories again.

EM-EL Garments
Every EM-EL garment is distinctly unique for the ultimate collection in fur attire and accessories. Take a stroll in the park, jaunt down the street, or fly around the world with your EM-EL collection. Everyday wear and travel clothing just got more exciting.