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Our winter closeout includes some of the best deals on fur coats for sale you’ll ever find, and we’re happy to offer our customers this incredible value. The selection at 65% off or higher opens up options for our customers to get even more value for their money when they buy fur coats for women.

One of the best ways to incorporate the elegance of fur into a more functional garment that you can enjoy on a regular basis is with trim. Our 65% and over fur coats include a number of attractive options with beautiful fur trim.

Puffer Coats with fur trim are ideal because you can get add some fur to your wardrobe at an economical price These savings don’t mean sacrificing on quality or the glamour of fur. The practicality of fur trimmed puffer coats creates a versatile stylish piece that you can wear with either work clothes or casual clothes when going out on weekends. A fur-trimmed coat is suitable in nearly any common situation or location, and you’ll always feel like your outfit is perfect – appropriate but with that extra opulence that only fur can deliver.

Winter coats with fur trim, especially around the hood, are among the most popular every-day fashion options. You can get wrap your face to lock out the cold with fox or rex rabbit fur and accent your most identifiable feature at the same time. Fox fur is long and looks as soft as it is. This creates a striking, wintery style that stands out and looks comfortable. Fox fur is relatively durable and warm, so your fur-trimmed coat will last and look great for years. Rabbit fur trim is often shorter, sheared to be the same length. Collars and lapels with rex rabbit fur are incredibly soft and comfortable. The shine of rex rabbit fur gives coats a subtler accent that creates a sense of style and luxury nonetheless.

Opting for this kind of fur coat also gives you more color options. Typically with a full fur coat, you want natural looking colors and minimal dyeing, because that emphasizes the quality and elegance of the pelts. However, with trim, dye is not a problem. We have coats with white, black, brown, gray, naturally striped, and even red fur trimming. So you can choose a color that either goes with most of your wardrobe or sets off a few specific pieces with a flare of trendy style.

The best thing about all these affordable, trimmed fur coats for sale is that as such reasonable prices, you can try out different furs and styles more freely, because they don’t represent the same financial investment as our more expensive pieces. If you want to get your first taste of the quality and style of a fur coat, our biggest discounts on fur coats give you several great options.