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Our fur coats for sale in the 50% to 55% category might not show the deepest discounts of all the fur jackets for women we have on sale, but half off on the beautiful fur coats is still impressive. ML Furs chooses the furs and designers we carry with an eye for the highest quality materials and workmanship, and we compliment that by offering remarkable value to our customers during the sale season.

Browse the fur coats, vests, and jackets offered at a sale price of between 50% and 55% off their original price to find the luxurious fur you’ve always wanted.

Because our selection of discounted furs is so extensive, you may need some help deciding what kind of fur is best for you. We have vests, full and mid-length coats, mid-length and short jackets, and parkas, as well as pashminas, stoles, and hats. They come in a range of different furs, with buttons and zippers, and with fur trimming and accents in a variety of different styles.

The first question to ask yourself is what your budget for this fur is. This gives you a concrete starting point to find the piece that is perfect for you. Now is a great time to make that kind of decision because you can see what your options are at various price points, price points that you don’t have access to for most of the year. Then you need to look at your wardrobe and think about when you want to use your new fur. Do you want something you can wear any time you go out, are you in the market for a luxurious accessory to get more from nice outfits, or do you want a really elegant fur to wear on the nicest occasions? Answering these questions can help you decide if you should focus on coats or jackets or accessories or a vest.

The next question is how often you plan to wear it. If you are hoping to get something you’ll want to wear a ton over the next few years, you can actually get something that is a little trendier and less classic. The idea is to get enough wear out of it to justify the investment, so the more you’re looking to wear a fur immediately after you buy it, the less you have to look ahead in the future to try and match your tastes. This may also influence if you want a vest or a coat, for example, because smaller fur items tend to have more accents and defining features that elicit strong feelings.

The last feature to factor in is the material. If you really need a coat, for example, you may have to opt for a less exclusive type of fur to stay within your budget. On the other hand, if you have your heart set on a mink fur by a famous designer, you might consider a shorter garment. And different furs have higher and lower durability, so factor in how often you plan to wear the coat into this decision.

Taking advantage of our fur coats for sale is easy, and with these steps, finding a beautiful fur you will love and be proud of for years should be a simple, fun process.